Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did You Know? Auto ISO limitation

EOS 60D Auto ISO limitation

The EOS 60D introduced a new feature to the Canon EOS DSLR range – it’s known as 'Auto ISO limitation'. Shooting with Auto ISO can be a great benefit when you want a particular combination of shutter speed and aperture, but the light conditions are changing. However, as the ISO range increases image noise is more likely to appear. With the Auto ISO limiter you can select a maximum ISO speed above which the camera will not go – this will effectively minimise the chance of image noise in your images and movies.


  1. The great benefit of the 60D is the you can set the limit. As a 50D user one downside of this camera is that the Auto ISO limit is not user set which I find it a bit frustrating. This has been revised with the 60D. And what's all this fuss on high ISO noise. I prefer a noisy image but with some background colour then a noiseless image but with pitch black background. Hey all you canonians put the noise taboo aside and crank up that iso dial.

  2. I could imagine that such an Auto limit could result in big frustration if 'that shot' doesn't materialise because it might lack just a little higher ISO setting. Personally I prefer the flexibility of setting the ISO myself - and I reckon anyone buying a camera of the calibre of the 60D would, too. But as for beginners who would benefit from this feature, these would be the ones who end up frustrated (see first sentence above)! ;-)

    Well, and (unwanted) noise can easily be dealt with in post-processing, especially if you're shooting in RAW.