Friday, March 4, 2011

6 quick tips for shooting still life

Still life photography is probably one of the easiest ways to sharpen up your photography skills. Your subjects are static and you have plenty of time to recompose and take multiple photos. Follow our great tips and get practicing!

Photo by Jonathan Busuttil

1. Keep an eye out for good photos.
Study the detail. Notice how photographers capture detail, and use light, shapes, textures, colours and patterns to their advantage.

2. Ask yourself - what story do I want to tell with this picture?

3. A background can make or break a photo. Remove any distractions or DIY your own backdrop.

4. Simplicity is key.
Choose a few complimenting or contrasting objects and add objects one by one, photographing and rearranging as you go along, until you find the perfect setup.

5. A little natural light goes a long way
Place your still life composition near a window for soft natural lighting. You can also use a sheet of white paper on the side opposite to the light source to reflect some light into the shadowed areas.

6. Shoot your photos from above or a 45 degree angle.

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Have a great weekend!

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