Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to win a €200 Canon voucher

We could all do with a little help towards that nice big lens, that new HS system compact, or that sexy little camcorder. Here's how to win a €200 Canon voucher...

Step 1: Visit our outlet in St. Julian's Road San Gwann. Make sure you take the right road or it could cost you a €30 ticket for going up a one way street. Not very wise.
Step 2: Have a good look at our exhibited photos. And when I say good, I mean good. The entrants are competing for a €1000 voucher, and 20% of the votes will come from people like you. So be fair please.
Step 3: On deciding your favourite photo, fill out the form laid on the stand next to the exhibit. Deposit your vote into the voting box.
Step 4: If you are tempted to fill out another form, please think again. We will be going through the votes after the lottery and if the winner has voted multiple times he will be disqualified. Immediately.
Step 5: Keep your fingers crossed!

:-) Until the next!

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