Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wickedly weird

This amazing photo of an F-18 fly-by by Steve Perez shows what's known as telephoto 

distortion. Closer objects are shrunk, further objects are enlarged, and any sense of distance 

goes out the window. Crazy, huh?


  1. That is impressive !!! How is done and why ?

  2. Yep! :-) The distortion is determined by the relative distances at which the image is captured and viewed. Telephoto distortion can be seen in images shot from a distant using a long focus lens or the more common telephoto sub-type (with an angle of view narrower than a normal lens). Distant objects look approximately the same size – closer objects are abnormally small, and more distant objects are abnormally large, and hence the viewer cannot discern relative distances between distant objects – distances are compressed. Source: wikipedia ;-)