Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Available soon: Rain cover for your DSLR

Noise-reducing, water-resistant and protection against the cold

Matin M-6399 Camera  Rain Cover (Blimp)Matin M-6399 Camera  Rain Cover (Blimp)Matin M-6399 Camera  Rain Cover (Blimp)

Softens sound and protects from rain, dust and cold 
The rain cover is a real multi-talent. The lining softens the sounds of the camera so that it works like a blimp. This is perfect for unobtrusive shooting in sensitive areas like theatres or close to animals. The outer material is water-resistant so that the camera is save from rain, dust and cold temperatures.
Enough room for one DSLR camera 
This rain cover offers enough room for large professional cameras or cameras with a battery grip. The cover is open at the underside so that it can be pulled over the camera. It can be closed with a hook-and-loop fastener so that the camera noise is still reduced.
Smooth handling - lens protection for telescope lenses 
At the right side of the cover is an opening through which the camera is very easy to reach. The lens opening can be closed with a toggle drawstring. Above the lens opening in a hidden pocket is an extractable lens cover with which a telephoto lens can be covered. The lens cover is extractable up to a length of 40cm.
Viewing window at the back 
At the back of the cover is a viewing window made of transparent plastic that allows you to see the display of your camera. The viewing window has a gap for the viewfinder so that you can look through the viewfinder unobstructedly. The gap can be closed with a hook-and-loop flap.
Technical Details: 
Dimensions: approx. 28 x 30cm 

Selling price : 29 Euros VAT included
Available in 2 weeks - pre order today!

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