Friday, April 8, 2016

Printing Etiquette in the office

No workplace is free of printers nowadays. Printing is part of everyone’s workflow, particularly in an office. We all have printing pet peeves, and we understand how they these can affect our daily workflow.

Today, we are going to focus on how to avoid these situations and what the etiquette for printing in an office is.

  1. Queueing
    Let people with fewer documents print first. The same as you would let someone skip the queue in a supermarket when they only have one item and you have a full cart, let your colleagues with smaller documents go first. It is not only the polite thing to do, but it increases the productivity and people’s time is not wasted waiting. Solutions like Uniflow allow for this sort of situations to be sorted, since you can print from any printer in the network, and skip the queue, need be.
  2. Not yours? Don’t touch it.
    The same way that you wouldn’t like someone to touch your car, you shouldn’t remove people’s documents from the printer. It is not only rude to do so, but it can increase the costs of your company if your colleague doesn’t find his documents at hand, as they might just hit reprint.
    Our printers are able to help with this, by indicating which document is printing. Uniflow allows the user to only print the document once the card is swiped, preventing people from messing with your documents.
  3. Confidential documents
    Never leave confidential documents unattended in your printer. We all have at some point forgotten that we had sent something to the printer and then leave them unattended. No building security in the world guarantees that there wouldn’t be a visitor or unauthorised person in your area that could access yours or your customers information. We can help with this using Uniflow, and printing the document on demand. No more important documents waiting in the printing tray. Your documents will be stored in the server, and they can be pulled out just by swiping your card and selecting it. Simple. Safe. Efficient.
  4. Fill the paper trays and toner
    This is one of the biggest issues when sharing a printer: There is nothing more annoying that running out of paper or toner in the middle of a print job.  No one wants to be the one changing toners and topping up the paper trays, and we understand that, but our printers offer high capacity toner cartridges and paper trays to reduce the need of intervention from the user.
  5. Don’t be wasteful
    When having to print documents with more than one page, make sure that you print them in duplex (double sided). This will cut in half the amount of paper that you are using, giving your document a much desired lower volume and weight and it will make it easier to read when binded.
    At the same time, select the quality of the print accordingly to the job. If it is not a final document that is going to be discarded soon after being printed, it’s much better to print in draft quality.
    Our printers deal with both of these issues with their duplex solutions, finer toner and printing consistency, so you don’t have to print the same job twice!

Following the etiquette was never as easy as it is today with our imageRUNNER printers and UniFlow.

They provide excellent printing quality, at high speeds and with excellent cost per print, improving your documents, workflow and costs!
Drop us an email or call us on 21488800 and we will provide you with our best quote for your needs. 

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