Monday, May 30, 2016

Is large format printing for you?

When we think of Large Format Printers, we think of machines that you would usually find in architects’ offices, engineering firms and other technical settings.
Despite of this being one of the largest uses for these sort of printers, the flexibility and quality of the most modern models of these machines allow for a lot more of usages, and will appeal to more exotic users.

Large Format Printers, specially those that print in colour, like the new iPF670 and iPF770 from Canon, allow to create posters for your business with their bundled software.

With Canon PosterArtist Lite users can create with easy professional looking poster for their businesses, decorate and display offer.

Other use for Large Format Printers include photography printing. Canon excels in this field with their imagePROGRAF PRO series, with machines that produce the most accurate colours, with the widest colour gamut in their class, using up to 12 inks in the case of the , using specialized media.
The new LUCIA EX inks allow for incredibly deep, rich and detailed colour and monochrome prints.
With the increase in resolution in modern cameras and smartphones, there is a better chance at printing at larger sizes than before.

Other uses include presentation of graphs and large amounts of data, that require a certain degree of legibility in the office setup, banners, marketing purposes, etc.

There’s more to our large format printer than it meets the eye.
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  3. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing that’s awesome
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